Importance Of Having A Book Signing Event


Importance Of Having A Book Signing Event

If you are a professional who has written quite a number of books, then you do understand how it feels to converse with people who have read your books. See the consumers or target audience are part of the reason people write. The aim is to express, educate or entertain people. When people read, they are privileged to go in the mind of the writer, they are given the opportunity to appreciate and access the writer and the book itself. A book signing is usually put together by the writer in conjunction with a library or a bookstore. What happens is that the author conducts a reading from the book and then proceeds to sign his autograph on copies of the book for the fans present. It could be their own copies or they could have purchased them at the signing. There are a lot of benefits that a book signing event affords you as a writer but we are going to list a few.

Book Sales

This is pretty cliché but entirely true. A book signing will afford you the opportunity to sell copies of your books. People are likely to purchase books when they have interacted with the author on a personal basis and sort of know the background of the book. You would prefer this to leaving copies on a shelf to gather dust all because no one is buying them.


When you are privileged to meet with readers, all you can do is share your experiences and your cause so as to inspire. A lot of people at book signings are looking for the perfect success story and to be told they can chase their dreams without the fear of failure. This is what a lot of writers possess. So talking with them will inspire them to do more and to be more and this is what a book signing can give you.

Meet Up

A book signing will help you meet your target audience. You know when you decide to write for persons from ages 18 to 45? Well now you get to meet them and place faces to that age range. Commune with them and understand what they appreciate about your book and of course what they did not like. This will help you understand their personalities and know what excites your reading audience and what does not. A meet up with a reader can also help market your book through their word of mouth. They could recommend it to other people or to their book clubs or even schools.


For the writer and the bookstore or library, a book signing literally brings you out.  Your book together with you will be advertised in banners or newsletters pending the actual book signing. It also brings publicity to the book store because they’ll keep copies of your books on their shelf after the signing knowing people will want to buy them. So either way, it is a win for all parties involved.

A book signing is actually a marketing platform for writers and a good opportunity to get feedback without having to wait for book critics. Whether a bestseller author or an upcoming one, a book signing is necessary.