How to Promote Your Self Published Book


How to Promote Your Self Published Book

Finally, hours of thinking, punching on the computer keyboard, writing and scribbling out your thoughts is now in a book, and the best part is it just got published. Your first book in all its glory is published. You can’t believe it, all the hard work is in a book. But………

Deciding to become a writer evokes different emotion for different folks, some write for the fun of it, others because it is a career path that allows them put their creativity on display for the general public but either way, we all want to make some money for our efforts.

In case you are a self-published author, congratulations on getting your first book out, it wasn’t easy. Self-published authors have the choice to use a publishing house to get the word about their book to the public, but when you factor in all the little charges that creep up, you will probably end up with debt on your hands and no reward to enjoy yourself for all your efforts.

Promoting your self-published book is the right way to go if you are looking to get noticed and reap all the benefits of late nights and straining your eyes. After all, it can’t be harder than writing your book.

So in this article, we are bringing you some proven tips to help you promote your book and some extraordinary out of the box ideas that writers have used to promote their self-published book.

If you are ready, get cozy, get a cup of coffee, and start reading.

Ensure you have a .com address/website/blog for your book

The frustration of trying to sell your book to the public without any prior knowledge of who you are is real, people just stare, smile, and pass by. 

The whole idea of promoting your book is to be `discoverable` by the public and the only way to get that is owning a blog, a website or a dot com address where people can relate with you before the book is out.

Like everything else over the internet, you need the traffic to promote your book, and ultimately make sales and the above is the most effective ways to promote the book. Using search sites like Google and Bing will allow potentials, buyers to find your book, get interested in the topic, theme, story, and look forward to reading the book.

However, you need a blog or website or a dot com address to gain organic traffic, if you are a pure writer who doesn’t have a blog, have your book on popular writer’s blog or blog in your community where people can see it as they browse through the blog.

How does having a website/blog or a dot com address help?

It allows you to update your followers on the progress on the book prior to when you finally get it out in public.

For example, if you book is centered on survival skills in a domestic abuse relationship; you can keep readers on your blog interested by dropping sentences or quotes from your book or reveal some characters in your book.

Furthermore, as the date to promote the book draws nearer, do a promotional giveaway or a small book contest that will encourage your audience to want to purchase and share digital copies of the book.

Using the above tip, you can build a mailing list that will inform your loyal audience when the launch date is set.

Use Social Media

What else were you expecting? Social media is the biggest marketing platform in the world right now. You should know that you are a writer. Although this process involves you spending most of your time, but it is worth it.

Promoting a book is to sell and make money; if that is the reason, then leveraging on social media will help you achieve it. As you write your book, you can join the writers’ community on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to give little hints to the audience.

One thing you must avoid is posting a buy my book link without dropping information about your book.

Why social media is a good way to promote your book?

It allows you to connect, communicate, discuss, inform, get suggestions, and build traffic prior to the book launch. It also allows people to know who you are, your name, genre, and it is a better way to advertise your book for FREE.

When advertising through social media, do the following

  • Join writers clubs online and talk about your book
  • Use the platform to grow your online presence and creative skills
  • Make friends with other authors and attend local book clubs in your vicinity
  • Use links that will attract intended audiences to your blog/website
  • Make your information to be user-friendly for people using mobile devices
  • Encourage people to read, and use automated marketing strategies to make your Self published book known

Pay for the services, not everything is free

There are so many freebies on the internet, but if you truly want to get your book promoted and get the necessary visibility, you are going to have to pay for some services along the way to get noticed.

As your book is published, you have to use the right keywords and genre that will allow potential readers to find you over the internet or on e-commerce stores like Amazon, eBay, and others.

Furthermore, you should ensure that the book is grammar checked and free from using other author’s words without accrediting them. Believe me, readers notice these tiny but seemingly oblivious mistakes, and besides, your book will also be read by other prominent authors too. So be very mindful of the processes that go into it.

Check the competition and what they do to be successful

The book market is saturated and only the creative ones succeed. So if you are a fiction writer, for example, check out other successful writers in this category who are doing exceptionally well to see what they are doing differently.

In fact, some of these writers are willing to discuss with upcoming writers and publishers on how to get around the market. You should also follow other self-published authors online who are doing well.

Furthermore, you should know your intended demography, and speak to their emotional side regarding your book.

The above are ways to promote your book. Now we will look at out of the box ways to promote your book.

Create a unique book blurb

Blurbs are promotional pieces which the audience can read to get what your book is all about. Blurbs are a short description that piques the audience curiosity and have them wanting more, which is your book.

To get your blurb right, it must be amazing, insightful, powerful, tempting, and alluring depending on the genre of your book.

Let the cover speak the word

A great book cover is capable of selling a book, but a poorly designed book cover will keep you frustrated and angered with no audience.

We know not to judge a book by its cover, but in the world of book writing, promoting and selling your books, the audience will judge your book by its cover.

We can all decide to design our book cover in the comfort of our homes, but when it comes to promoting your book as a self author, get a professional to design a great book cover for your book that will attract audiences and potential readers.

The Book Title

Part of writing a book is choosing a suitable book title to attract the audience you are gunning for. Your book title should deliver a message that will make people want to read your book.

A good book title should be descriptive, memorable, and captivating. It should also match the cover of your book, making it easier for an onlooker to know, and relate with it at first glance.

Author Bio

Everyone claims to be a writer, to let the readers know who you truly are a well-written, down to earth and sellable author’s bio should be part of your book promotion tactics. Your bio should include your details, credentials, and an interesting fact the audience should know concerning your career as an author.

Your bio should also contain a photo of the author and a bit about what the readers will find in the book.

Host a book signing event

Planning and hosting a book signing event is an important step in a self-published authors’ checklist.

It’s a way of promoting your book while inspiring readers, engaging fans and building future relationships.

We proffer premier book signing event services to help you make the most of your book signing experience.

Get Reviews

As a first-time self-published author, getting reviews can be hard, but they are the lifeline of your book success.

You can send your book to well-known book readers and editors who will give an honest and valuable review about the book.

You can also ask your audience requesting reviews for the book, all of which will be published in the book.

Don’t forget to send them a free copy when the book is launch as a thank you for reading the book.

Talk to your local book store about dropping flyer or a large sticker to advertise the book.

This is using what you have to get what you want. As part of promoting your book, ask your local book store to allow you to place flyers for people to see and know more about the book. You can also talk to the coffee shop or the book club to read your book and give their honest opinion of the book.

When the launch is due, you will be surprised how many people want to read the book because they have heard so much about it. 

Sometimes, writers have dropped copies of the book in a book shop only to have the store owners calling to get info on how much it cost and wanting more because people are interested in the book.


How does one network a book?

Call your friends, author friends or corporate bodies for assistance. They can use your book as a gift pack on their next meeting or book signing event to get more people involved in it.

As for your friend’s help, ask them to buy multiple copies and give them to people. If your book is inclined towards students or those in the academic circle, talk to a school representative or school board to allow you to promote your book in a school.

Build relationships as a writer

You can’t promote your book without help, even if you have all the funds and amenities to get it done; people are a requirement for the success of the book. So as soon as you put your pen to paper for a book, start building the relevant relationship in advance. 

Develop a relationship with influencers, movers, and shakers in the book industry, don’t think because you are small time writers you can connect or contact these people. It starts like writing, starts early.

When you start promoting the book, send them copies of the book, and if you are lucky, they will assist you to promote it in their audiences.

Finally, what are your goals with promoting your book?

When you begin writing this book, you had goals you were hoping to achieve with it – some of it was to finish the book within a timeline.

So also should you have goals when promoting the book? For example, if you are looking to make the bestseller list of the New York Times, you have to ensure that your vendors and promoters who sell your book, report their sales to the New York Times according to the set guidelines of the organization.

These are some tips to get you started on a successful promotion path; however, offering your book for free to a certain class of people in the book industry can be the most cost-effective way to promote your book.

Just like writing your book, promoting it will be harder, but with the tips above, we are sure you will make it just in time for your second book or third. So consider what your priority is and run with it.

Although freebies are numerous, don’t forget that every penny spent as a writer will be recovered when you start making a profit.

Once again congratulations and good luck!