How to Promote a Book Signing


How to Promote a Book Signing

Prepared to advance your book signing, talk, perusing, or course? On the off chance that you need to fill all the seats in your scene, you’ll need to do some special legwork. Regardless of whether you’re independently published or customarily distributed, here are extraordinary advertising methodologies to assist you with publicizing your book signing and increasing the number of attendees. 

Use social media

Social media has become one of the most influential platforms for advertising. This is attributed to the large number of people using social sites. For example, almost everyone who owns a smartphone is using at least one of the many social sites. This shows just how effective the sites can be when it comes to reaching a greater audience. Ensure to make the advertisement clear and short since most people are not patient enough to go through a long content. Also, use some catchy and engaging graphics. 

Use print media

Another great way to reach a larger audience is by publicizing the book signing on print media like the local dailies. You can also use to buy a space on a popular magazine to advertise the book signing. This form of advertising will be quite expensive but at the end of the day, it will be worthwhile because you will reach a greater audience. Again, ensure to keep it short and precise so that you do not consume a lot of space since this will be even more expensive. Furthermore, short and concise advertising will make it easier to catch the attention of the readers in the first few seconds. 

Write a blog post

A blog post is another great way of promoting your book signing. But this is possible only if you have a webpage for the signing. Opening a webpage for the signing is not very difficult; you just hire a good web designer to do the job for you. A good webpage will attract more traffic and will more likely convert to attendees. Research shows that most people tend to form an impression of a website in the first few milliseconds. Creating a great webpage is not enough; fill it with engaging content like blog posts, memes, videos and audios about the book signing.  

Hang in flyers and posters

Since you have already used your hard-earned money to book a venue for your book signing, ensure to take full advantage of the venue. Hang some flyers and a huge poster containing the cover page of your book. Do this some days before the actual date of the event so that people will see that there is an upcoming event at that particular place. You can also print lots of flyers to give out to people in public places.  

Raffle off a prize

Let’s face it; we all love prizes. With this in mind, raffling off a prize at the book signing is a great way to mobilize more people to attend the event. They may not necessarily come because of the book signing, but at least they will be enticed by the chances of walking away with the prize. Remember the many attendees you have at the book signing, the more the sales you are going to make. But even as you raffle off the prize, let it be a unique prize that carries significant value, otherwise, people will take you for a joker. After all, this is one of the many ways through which to give back to the community. 

Promise every attendee a gift

Do not just invite the guests and stop at that; entice them with gifts for every attendee. You will be surprised by the number of people who will go out of their way to get those gifts in the name of attending the signing. The most effective gift you can give out during the signing is a free copy of the book. But since it is not possible to give every attendee a copy of the book, give the first few attendees, let’s say the first 10. This way, everyone will try as much as possible to make it to the event early, in a bid to get the free copy. 

Make it a party

The idea of a party hits everyone differently; it is a time to let yourself free and wild. There is absolutely nothing wrong with enticing guests with a small party before the book signing, in other words a book signing party. A lot of them will come to the book signing in the name of having fun at the party. You can have some refreshments like light meals before the signing and then a small party after. This way, you will also get a couple of sales so it is a great way to do it. 

Press release

Alternatively, you can call for a short press release where you get to inform the public about the upcoming book signing. Ensure to prepare a speech so that you can capture all the important bits like the venue, date of the event, and an overview of what the book is all about. It is advisable to have a little speech ready so that you capture all the important bits in the short press release. 

Final thoughts

Make the most of the party by joining the guests. This way, you will get to interact and make some new fans in the process. Thank them for coming and supporting you through a mailing subscriber list. Ensure to give out your social media as much as you can so that those who did not buy and would like to do so in the future can keep in touch with you. You will be amazed by how many new sales will spring out of this. It will also be a great way to your existing and new fans updated on your new books.