How to Plan a Book Signing

How to Plan a Book Signing

A book signing event is a great time to meet and interact with your readers. At the same time, it is a good opportunity to market your book and boost your sales. Hosting a book signing event is one thing while hosting a successful book signing event is another. Being able to balance between the aspect of marketing yourself and interacting with your readers and fans is the first step to hosting a successful book signing event. Continue discussion to learn how else you can plan a book signing. 

Choose the right venue

Most book signing events are held in bookstores that are usually booked in advance. To break the monotony, become creative when choosing a venue for the book signing. One of the many ways you can do that is to match the venue with the genre of the book. For example, if the book is about food, you can hold the book signing at a restaurant. If the book is about medicine, you can book the reception area of a hospital to hold the book signing event. But even as you do that, ensure to book the venue early enough since places such as restaurants and bookstores are booked months in advance, otherwise, you may miss the booking. 

Plan ahead

Just like any other event, book signing also needs proper prior planning. This is because you need to determine the date and venue of the event. You also need to set a budget for the event, something that cannot be done overnight. You need to decide if the attendees will be your readers only or the general public. You also need to come up with a program to be followed so that you will cater to everything within the short time available. Planning helps prevent surprises that might cost you the vent and cause you embarrassment, especially if the book is your first. And because you do not want to give your readers the wrong impression even before they purchase the book, plan ahead of time.  

Prepare for possible sales

Although the event is meant to sign give-away books and interact with the readers, the event is usually characterized by some book sales. To avoid surprises and disappointing your fans, carry lots of books so that you can place them at the signing table. This is also a great opportunity to boost sales. You can also leave some cartons of the copies in your car so that once the stock on the table runs out; you can always send someone to quickly pick some. Let’s face it; you can run everything by yourself. Hire a helping hand so that while they run the sales you will be busy signing the books and interacting with your readers. 

Stick to your budget

Just like any event, book signing event can overwhelm you and you might end up overspending on some aspects while others might be overlooked and left without allocation. For example, you might book a very expensive venue such that you are left with little or no money to run other aspects like refreshments for the event. To avoid such embarrassments, prepare a budget and stick to it. If you find it so hard to plan and calculate your budget well, you can always hire a caterer so that you can concern yourself with signing the book. 

Prepare with a speech

What you say once you step onto the stage greatly determines how your existing and potential readers perceive your book. With this in mind, it is good to site your favorite chapter and explain it. Similarly, site some of your readers’ favorite chapter of the book and explain it. In the same way, it is the first opportunity to market the book by explaining its overview. And because it is almost impossible to remember all these details together with other things you had planned to say, it is advisable to write a book speech so that you do not leave any detail out. 

Promote the event on social media

An event is made an event by guests; hence the need to mobilize them to turn in large numbers as possible. The wish of any event planner is for all the invitees to turn up for the vent, otherwise, the event is a fail. Remember a book signing event is also an opportunity to promote and sell a couple of your copies of your book, so the more the guests you get the more the sales. To mobilize as many attendees as possible, promote the event on your social media platforms. This will also help you make more sales because the guests will follow the link to buy the book online. 

Create a program

Book signing events can sometimes be a hectic moment because everyone will want to have some time with you, take a photo and sign the book. At the same time, you have to take care of other matters of the event such as helping serve your guests with refreshments. Most importantly, you have to deliver a moving speech to your guests and thank them for coming through and their undivided support. Coordinating all these activities by yourself is next to impossible. To ensure a smooth flow of activities throughout the event, prepare a program for the evening and hire some people to help you coordinate things. This way, you will have all the time with your guests and nothing to worry about. 

Final thoughts

No matter how much you try and the efforts you channel to the book signing, it is impossible to have a completely flawless event. But even so, your efforts will go a long way in making the event successful. The important bits are to hire a helping hand to run the program and a caterer to plan the event so that you can have all the time to yourself and your guests.